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Radon Mitigation for the Denver area

Request a Radon Mitigation Installation Quote We have installed over 10,000 mitigation systems in the Denver metro area.

The ABC's of radon mitigation

Our people will meet with you the first 20 to 30 minutes and go over what type of system is going to be effective and what's going to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

An agreement to the location is made and work begins. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to install your mitigation system. Most systems are sub-slab depressurization systems as described below.

Graphic of how Radon Mitigation Works

  1. We start by drilling a 4 inch hole in the basement floor on the perimeter and dig out approximately 10-20 gallons of dirt to ensure a good void is created.
  2. We install PVC pipe that routes up and out through the rim joist of the house along with a monometer(a fail-safe indicator) on the pipe. The rim joist is where the homes siding/stucco meets the foundation wall.
  3. A radon motor (approximately the size of a basketball) is mounted to the PVC pipe outside the home (garage installs possible if no living quarters are above the garage) and vented to above the roof line according to EPA/NEHA Protocols.
  4. If you have a crawl space we put down a vapor Barrier, which is 6 mil thick polyethylene sheeting (plastic) and seal it to the foundation wall with glue. This creates an air-tight seal or vacuum. Then a PVC pipe with a radon motor like the above system can draw air from beneath the plastic to create an even greater vacuum to pull out radon gas and vent it to a safe area above the roof. This system is called a sub-membrane depressurization system
  5. Some homes have a crawl space and a basement. 99% of the time, one of the above systems will be sufficient to lower the radon to acceptable levels.

Please call me at 303-980-1961 and I will be happy to discuss your situation and provide you a verbal or written quote for mitigation or testing work.


Don Bronson,
Member, owner
EPA #180610T,18061-I (for mitigation and testing of radon gas)
NEHA #100306RMT, 100307RT
Mold professional
DEP Certified

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